who we are

Gomez Gourmet celebrates Latin American culture with every cup of coffee. Our roots inspire the unique bold flavors we provide through our organic, fair trade sourcing and small batch roasting techniques. We are passionate about the sustainability of our people and the planet. We believe in generating awareness to benefit the Cycle of Relief with every batch of coffee. The Gomez Gourmet lifestyle honors the true essence of our cultures, coffee and the hands that provide it for us to enjoy.



Gomez Gourmet employs growers in Honduras, Panama and Guatemala to source our single origin, premium coffee.

Our farms are Kosher and GMO/Pesticide free. Our beans come from 100% certified Arabica Coffee Plants. We pick fresh cherries from mountain altitudes to guarantee the highest quality green coffee beans.


Gomez Gourmet coffee is roasted in small batches, daily, to capture three unique blends of the highest quality flavors.

of Relief

Celebrating our cultures requires us to sustain them, fueling this Cycle of Relief allows Gomez Gourmet to provide coffee with a cause. We believe in generating a positive impact internationally and domestically. From employing individuals indigenous to the lands we farm to supporting local charities, we empower others to perpetuate social consciousness through our brand. Gomez Gourmet is more than a great cup of coffee, it’s coffee that matters.